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Shiranui no Konoha by etherious01 New! Rated: T [Reviews - 0]

Shiranui, the mystical fire that appears on the edges of the horizon - associated with the divine fires of the sun as they settle in for the night, as well as the fox fire of the kitsune who wander in secret. Of course, Minato never had time for these wonderings, especially as the Kyuubi walks about, wrecking his village. But with his wife's death, he might be forced to call upon other forces. But mortals aren't meant to mess with divine powers without consequence...

Categories: Naruto, Yaoi, Furry, Scent Kink, Size Manipultion, Macro/Hyperinflation, Dub Con, Tentacles Characters: Kakashi Hatake, Kyuubi (Kurama), Minato
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 5527
[Report This] Published: 06/17/2018 Updated: 06/17/2018