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Zatch Bell by PaperFox19
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Kiyo isn't one of the most social of people, he's a genius, but not much for academics. Things change when a strange child comes crashing through his window. The boy Zatch is one of many Mamodo children sent to earth to battle for the title of king.

Categories: Yaoi, Zatch Bell
Characters: Brago, Danny, Eido, Hyde, Kafk Sunbeam, Kiyo Takimine, Parco Folgore, Ponygon, Wonrei, Zatch
Parent Series: None
Stories: 1
Series Type: Open

Help Me Kiyo by PaperFox19 Rated: M [Reviews - 1]
Summary: Past Featured Story

Wonrei shows up seeking Kiyo’s help. Kiyo is more than happy to help him.

Categories: Yaoi, Zatch Bell Characters: Kiyo Takimine, Wonrei
Series: Zatch Bell
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1391
[Report This] Published: 01/07/2015 Updated: 01/07/2015